The Open RAN ecosystem gathers steam

The future of the RAN is open. A DeepDive report with conversations with Vodafone, Verizon, TIP, Rakuten Symphony, Radisys, Picocom, NEC, Fujitsu, Dish Wireless, Ciena, and Analog Devices

Automation paves the way to 5G network slicing

While automation is important to every stage of the 5G journey, the complexity of end-to-end network slicing makes automation essential. How does automation tame the complexity of 5G network slicing? What is the best automation approach?

Why stop at the window?

Should 5G mmWave FWA service providers offer indoor mmWave to complement Wi-Fi? Tech brief prepared for Pivotal

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Connecting the 5G ecosystem: The role of Open RAN
March 28, 2023

Panel at Fierce Wireless 5G Blitz Week

Connecting the 5G ecosystem: 5G fixed wireless access
March 29, 2023

Panel at Fierce Wireless 5G Blitz Week

Sparring Partners | Power efficiency in private networks and IoT
March 30, 2023

A conversation with Dr. Mike Short on how wireless connectivity makes the world more sustainable

Sparring Partners | Will Open RAN increase power efficiency in the RAN?
April 20, 2023

A conversation with Alex Choi, Deutsche Telekom and O-RAN Alliance, and Gorden Witzel, Deutsche Telekom on power efficiency in Open RAN

Telco Reinvention: Navigating the Path From Telco to Techco
April 25, 2023

London, UK

Innovation For 6G Services
April 26, 2023

Panel at the 6G Symposium at the University of Surrey, UK

How to launch a successful CBRS neutral host
May 9, 2023

Panel at Connect(X), New Orleans

The Open RAN Cost Advantage or Disadvantage?
May 9, 2023

Panel at Connect(X), New Orleans

Net-Zero Goals and the Greening of the Industry
May 10, 2023

Panel at Connect(X), New Orleans

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