Analog Devices: Driving RU innovation in Open RAN

A conversation with Bill McKenney, Wireless Business Unit, Analog Devices

The radio unit (RU) plays a critical role in the Open RAN ecosystem at the access edge of the network, where the RAN ceases to be virtual and becomes physical, as Bill McKenney in the Wireless Communications business unit at Analog Devices points out.

In this conversation with Bill, we discuss how the RU is evolving to fit into Open RAN deployments and the role of RU vendors in the Open RAN ecosystem. And it is a two-way road: Open RAN also creates innovation opportunities for the RU that expand the 5G RU capabilities.

This interview is part of the Senza Fili Deep Dive report “The Open RAN ecosystem gathers steam. The future of the RAN is open.” Watch or download this conversation, or the full report for free.

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