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Know your network. Extracting the benefits of virtualization

In this blog on the benefits of virtualization, Monica Paolini, Senza Fili, argues that to gather the knowledge they need and leverage it to optimize their networks, service providers need to change the way they run their networks, concurrently along multiple dimensions.

Ciena: From automated to autonomic networks

Automation in wireless networks is still surprisingly limited in both scope and depth, but operators have been trying to automate some functions over the years. This type of automation has been driven by a top-down, static approach that translates the knowledge of engineers into scripts that execute repetitive actions. As networks become more complex and powerful, though, this type of automation is no longer sufficient.

How much can operators save with a Cloud RAN?

Virtualization opens up new ways to architect, deploy and operate wireless networks, and its flexibility allows mobile operators to experiment with new network topologies. Virtualization has a profound impact on mobile networks end to end.

Future proofing mobile network economics

In this white paper we prepared for Mavenir, we looked at the TCO for a Distributed RAN versus a Cloud RAN and compare the benefits of these two virtualized RAN architectures, and how they related to DRAN

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