Ascom: Testing and monitoring wireless networks to capture and optimize QoE
January 16, 2016
Read the full interview to learn about Ascom’s approach to ensure that testing and monitoring in mobile networks captures the complexity of QoE, and guides operators to optimize their network resources in real time. This interview is part of our report “Getting the best QoE: Trends in traffic management and mobile core optimization”.
Using QoE to optimize network performance? Not trivial, but necessary
December 10, 2015
The desire to optimize the mobile network is a no-brainer. Who could possibly not want to extract the best performance, the most revenues out of the existing, already deployed mobile network infrastructure? Indeed, mobile operators have been optimizing their networks from the beginning, trying to pack as many voice calls as possible. And then trying…
What's next: Traffic management, core optimization
December 1, 2015
What’s after the RAN optimization report? Core optimization, although I am no longer sure that the two can be kept separate. I am doing the research now, so if there is something you would like to share let me know.
Published today: The smart RAN. Trends in the optimization of spectrum and network resource
December 1, 2015
Astellia: Tuning the RAN in real time to optimize end-to-end performance
November 16, 2015
At Astellia, troubleshooting, monitoring, automation and geolocation are the three pillars to support RAN optimization. With Vicent Soler, in the CTO Office of Astellia, we talked about how operators can rely on this functionality to improve performance and subscriber experience in their networks.
Telstra: Automation, small cells, and CA to increase network resource utilization
November 13, 2015
Telstra has been very proactive in moving towards automated RAN optimization, small cells, and carrier aggregation (CA). In this conversation with Stephen Howell, General Manager at Telstra, we discussed their learning experience and the benefits that these solutions bring to Telstra. A key learning point is the importance of automation in managing small cells.
Fujitsu: The evolution of RAN optimization in a C-RAN environment
November 11, 2015
The transition to C-RAN and fronthaul has started with operators gradually moving to the new architecture to realize a better utilization of network resources. We discussed with Femi Adeyemi at Fujtsu the drivers and benefits of C-RAN over the traditional distributed architecture for RAN optimization.
Viavi solutions: End-to-end, real-time solutions to optimize RAN performance
November 1, 2015
In our conversation with Kashif Hussain, Solutions Marketing Manager at Viavi Solutions (until recently JDSU), we talked of how RAN optimization is changing with the introduction of multi-layered HetNets and the transition to dynamic networks in which the RF environment keeps changing. Networks are becoming more complex, and there is more equipment to optimize.
CommScope: Optimizing spectrum and network utilization at the antenna edge
October 31, 2015
In this conversation on RAN optimization with Philip Sorrells, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at CommScope we focused on the role antennas have in improving performance and coverage in the RAN, and how the scope for these improvements can be crucial for operators to meet the growing demand for capacity and high levels of QoE.
Telefonica: The evolution in RAN optimization to improve QoE
October 28, 2015