Sketching the path toward RAN virtualization with ASOCS
February 11, 2016
At the RAN USA conference in San Francisco at the end of January, Chih-Lin I from China Mobile reminded us ETSI its Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) framework span the entire network, from the core to the RAN. The RAN is an essential part of virtualization efforts to untie functions not only from infrastructure, but also from location.
Flash Networks: Increasing spectral efficiency in the RAN by optimizing transmission in the core
February 4, 2016
Three UK: Driving network strategy through customer perception
February 2, 2016
To subscribers, perception matters more than KPIs. In this conversation with Mony Kochupillai, Head of Network Perception, Three UK, we talked about how Three leverages QoE to optimize the network and improve the service it provides to subscribers.
Anritsu: Tracking down QoE at the subscriber and network levels
January 23, 2016
Alepo: Optimizing network performance with a view to service creation and monetization
January 23, 2016
Read or watch our conversation with Danielle Elaine Smith on how policy plays a key role in optimizing network performance to achieve the best QoE.
Guavus: Extracting and correlating relevant QoE and KPI data, using analytics
January 21, 2016
Read or watch our conversation with Anil to find out how analytics can help operators assess QoE in real time and leverage it to optimize end-to-end network performance.
Viavi: An end-to-end, real-time approach to using QoE in network optimization
January 18, 2016
Measuring QoE is difficult and even more difficult is to identify the source of QoE issues within the network. You can download or watch the full interview with Paul Gowans and Ronnie Neil to learn more about Viavi’s approach to end-to-end network optimization based on QoE assessments.
Ascom: Testing and monitoring wireless networks to capture and optimize QoE
January 16, 2016
Read the full interview to learn about Ascom’s approach to ensure that testing and monitoring in mobile networks captures the complexity of QoE, and guides operators to optimize their network resources in real time. This interview is part of our report “Getting the best QoE: Trends in traffic management and mobile core optimization”.
Using QoE to optimize network performance? Not trivial, but necessary
December 10, 2015
The desire to optimize the mobile network is a no-brainer. Who could possibly not want to extract the best performance, the most revenues out of the existing, already deployed mobile network infrastructure? Indeed, mobile operators have been optimizing their networks from the beginning, trying to pack as many voice calls as possible. And then trying to pack as many bits – either voice, video or data – as possible.
What's next: Traffic management, core optimization
December 1, 2015
What’s after the RAN optimization report? Core optimization, although I am no longer sure that the two can be kept separate. I am doing the research now, so if there is something you would like to share let me know.