Wireless enterprise

Making sense of enterprise in-building wireless options
July 12, 2020
Wi-Fi alone cannot support all the indoor connectivity needs of enterprises and venues. In this blog, Monica Paolini discusses how new technologies and business models are shaping the future of in-building wireless and enabling new use cases.
CBRS 101 for the enterprise
November 3, 2019
CBRS offers enterprises an unprecedented opportunity to deploy private cellular networks on premises. But many enterprises are still trying to figure out what CBRS can do for them – and how it is different from what other technologies can do. Monica Paolini, Senza Fili, takes off her analyst hat and asks Dave Wright, CBRS Alliance what CBRS has to offer to the enterprise.
How did the FCC take CBRS off the ground?
November 3, 2019
CBRS is highly innovative approach to spectrum regulation that can be a blueprint for other multi-tier, shared-access models that can be used in other bands and in other countries. CBRS encourages a more efficient way to use – and re-use – spectrum, and new business models for both service providers and enterprises. The FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly tells us about how the FCC settled how the FCC created CBRS.
CBRS makes it easier for the enterprise to deploy private LTE networks
November 3, 2019
Does CBRS make private LTE networks more attractive and manageable to the enterprise? Does it meet the enterprise performance, reliability and security requirements for IoT applications? We talked to Catherine Melquist, NetNumber about how CBRS private networks can reduce the complexity of public cellular networks without compromising the performance.
The business case for 5G? An easy one
January 23, 2019
In wireless, 5G has been the main topic of conversation for quite some time. Initially, it captured our imagination even though (or because) we could not agree on how to define it and what we needed it for. While we are still debating these questions in the background, two other questions have risen to the top of our minds: How will 5G change the way we use and build wireless networks? And is there a business case for 5G?
New report: The wireless enterprise
November 14, 2017
Our latest report “Wireless in the enterprise. A deeper reach, a more active role for venue owners” has been released. Learn more about it or download it.
Webinar on the wireless enterprise now available
November 1, 2017
If you missed the webinar on the wireless enterprise you can view it below and also get the slides here
Wireless in the enteprise: SOLiD
November 1, 2017
The middleprise will pay for wireless networks if its needs are met. A conversation with Ken Sandfeld, President, SOLiD America, SOLiD
Wireless in the enterprise: Sprint
October 20, 2017
The relationship between the enterprise and service providers changes as wireless connectivity becomes an even more important asset for the enterprise. In this conversation with Jan Geldmacher, President of Sprint Business, we talked about how mobile operators can reach deeper into the enterprise and introduce new models and services to address the needs of both large and small enterprises. 
Wireless in the enterprise: CommScope
October 20, 2017
How CommScope addresses the new role of wireless within the enterprise. Enterprises need support in navigating a new technological environment, and they need solutions that address their needs and speak their language.