Ciena: The journey to Open RAN starts with transport

A conversation with Rafael Francis, Sr. Director Product Line Management, Solutions, Ciena

Adoption of Open RAN requires more than CUs and DUs and an open interface between them. It starts with – and is enabled by – transport links that connect RUs, DUs, CUs and, eventually, the mobile core. Availability and cost of transport options often dictate what Open RAN topology can be deployed cost effectively.

In this conversation with Rafael Francis, Sr. Director Product Line Management, Solutions at Ciena, we talked about the role of transport in Open RAN, including backhaul, midhaul and fronthaul – or xhaul. As capacity, latency and timing requirements on transport increase, operators need to prepare to make sure they have the transport they need when they are ready to shift to Open RAN. And to do so, they need to have the same flexibility they have in choosing RAN solutions.

This interview is part of the Senza Fili Deep Dive report “The Open RAN ecosystem gathers steam. The future of the RAN is open.” Watch or download this conversation, or the full report for free.

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