ConnectiviTree: Infrastructure sharing for energy efficiency

A conversation with Mark Gilmour, CTO at ConnectiviTree

There are multiple ways to make the network more energy efficient. Sharing the network infrastructure is one of them – one that is more dependent on business models than on technology compared to, say, chipset energy efficiency. As a result, it requires a different approach to sustainability.

In this conversation with Mark Gilmour, CTO at ConnectiviTree, we talked about how to approach energy efficiency at the end-to-end network level, including infrastructure sharing and carbon credits.

This is an area where there is much innovation in terms of business models and where operators have the flexibility to manage their energy strategy. But alongside many opportunities lies a complexity in assessing their contribution and, more generally, in measuring progress toward sustainability and energy efficiency.

This interview is part of the Senza Fili Deep Dive report “Energy efficiency in Wireless: RAN and beyond.” Watch or download this conversation, or read the full report for free.

Conversation timestamps

00:09 Introduction

05:07 Mark Gilmour introduces himself and ConnectiviTree

08:54 Energy efficiency promotes new business models

12:42 Sleeping algorithms to reduce energy consumption

13:04 RAN and backbone

16:28 What does ConnectiviTree do?

20:18 Measuring energy efficiency, KPIs

29:00 Neutral hosts

30:35 DAS, energy efficiency and TCO

35:34 Network planning, deploying and operating a network

37:43 Open RAN

39:41 Reducing energy consumption as traffic goes up

43:47 When is it ok to turn hardware off?

47:42 Indoor and outdoor infrastructure: What is more energy efficient? How to document it?

49:30 Accounting for power consumption

52:59 Greenwashing?

54:42 Network sustainability auditing

56:29 Energy efficiency as a new dimension to think about network deployment and operations

1:01:21 Closing remarks

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