Qualcomm: Unlicensed 60 GHz mmWave for wireless infrastructure

A conversation with Shishir Gupta, Product Management Director of Mobile Compute and Connectivity at Qualcomm Technologies

For some time, large amounts of spectrum in the 60 GHz band have been available for unlicensed use in many countries, but they have been used sparsely both in indoor and outdoor environments in part because there was not enough demand and in part because the technology was not mature to deliver cost-effective high-throughput connectivity. A combination of increased demand for gigabit fixed connectivity and technological advances have created a fertile ground for Terragraph. 

In this conversation Shishir Gupta, Product Management Director of Mobile Computing Connectivity at Qualcomm Technologies, talks about the role of Qualcomm in creating the first IEEE 802.11ay 60GHz chipset for Terragraph equipment and in supporting the Terragraph ecosystem.

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