Fujitsu: How AI, ML and GenAI can increase network efficiency today

A discussion on how AI, ML and GenAI can drive network automation and improve operations with Blake Hlavaty at Fujitsu

AI, ML and GenAI can help operators increase the value of their installed and new networks. With network-specific knowledge, they can empower operators with trusted solutions that increase network efficiency.

In this conversation with Blake Hlavaty, Director of Global Network Software Offers at Fujitsu, we discussed the practical adoption of automation powered by AI, ML and GenAI. Intelligent applications help operations teams navigate complex vendor ecosystems using AI/ML tools without being data scientists or knowing how to train data models. These applications embrace multivendor, multilayer network data, seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure and eliminating expensive and disruptive infrastructure re-architectures to accommodate AI.

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Conversation timestamps

  • 01:11 Introduction, AI and GenAI, hype and promise
  • 04:40 Blake introduction: his role at Fujitsu; AI, ML and GenAI at Fujitsu
  • 06:19 Automation and AI/GenAI
  • 10:33 How AI differs from GenAI
  • 14:38 Reliability, security, trust, confidence
  • 17:38 Hallucinations in GenAI; GenAI and ChatGPT use cases
  • 20:32 Network efficiency, opex reduction, managing complexity
  • 26:35 Open RAN, disaggregation, RIC
  • 33:28 Learning to automate
  • 37:20 SDN, zero-touch provisioning
  • 39:52 Geography
  • 43:14 SON, RIC, 5G
  • 47:34 Sustainability and energy efficiency
  • 52:23 Network APIs, digital twins, network optimization

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