Fujitsu: Open RAN is for all: brownfield, greenfield and operators in between

A conversation with Shingo Mizuno and Femi Adeyemi, Fujitsu

Open RAN gives operators more flexibility and choice while creating new opportunities for vendors to widen their global presence in the RAN and end-to-end market. Fujitsu leverages the expertise gained over 40 years to deliver a variety of Open RAN solutions and contribute to the ecosystem’s growth and maturation.
Shingo Mizuno and Femi Adeyemi told us how Fujitsu got into Open RAN, what role it has within the ecosystem, and how they see the evolution of Open RAN.

This interview is part of the Senza Fili Deep Dive report “The Open RAN ecosystem gathers steam. The future of the RAN is open.” Watch or download this conversation, or the full report for free.

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