Infovista: Optimizing QoE with backhaul service assurance

Optimizing QoE with backhaul service assurance. A conversation with Cyril Doussau, Senior Director, Service Assurance Product Line, InfoVista

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As fronthaul and backhaul evolve to meet the requirements of networks that are more complex and carry heavier traffic loads and that include more real-time traffic, mobile operators face new challenges in backhaul and fronthaul assurance. We talked about the evolution of service assurance with Cyril Doussau, Senior Director, Service Assurance Product Line at InfoVista.

Networks evolution is necessary to meet demand from subscribers and keep costs under control. Cyril said: “Introducing those new technologies is extremely useful for reducing the cost of sending data through the network. The challenge is, how can they transform their network but still assure that their mobile services have the same quality of service they’re accustomed to delivering on the voice side?”

Performance management must chance as networks’ complexity and flexibility grow. Cyril said: “Next-generation performance management solutions must adapt to dynamic changes in the network. The operator needs a solution that takes into consideration that there’re constantly going to be some new resources to manage. For example, it could be that there’s a new virtual function that has been activated and needs to be monitored. That’s a new level of complexity that requires a performance management solution to be completely dynamic with the change in the network.”

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