Keysight: Getting open RAN up and running

How do testing, monitoring and optimizing wireless networks will change with open RAN? A conversation with Kalyan Sundhar at Keysight

Operators are getting ready to deploy open RAN in commercial, live networks. Each operator is defining its strategy and flavor of open RAN, its pace, and its vendor ecosystem.

Yet, they all need to ensure that the open RAN architecture and topology they choose work as expected. Are the equipment, the software, the platforms and the applications interoperable? How can they optimize the end-to-end network performance to meet subscribers’ needs and expectations? Open RAN requires a new approach to deploy and operate the RAN – from operators and vendors alike.

In this conversation, Kalyan Sundhar, VP and GM of Edge to Core at Keysight, tells us what challenges operators face and how Keysight helps them address them and get open RAN up and running at scale.

Kalyan shares the experience he gathered by driving open RAN solutions at Keysight and working with industry experts in the ecosystem since open RAN’s launch.

Conversation timestamps

01:09 Introduction
04:05 Kaylan introduces himself
04:49 Open RAN more than disaggregation, what is open RAN, M-MIMO
11:21 Open RAN for brownfield operators, AT&T announcement, Ericsson
14:45 Nokia, changes in the vendor ecosystem driven by open RAN
16:02 Greenfield operators, Dish, Samsung
17:44 Nokia, Ericsson, differentiation among vendors, role of government, energy efficiency
23:03 Keysight interview on energy efficiency, balancing energy efficiency and performance
26:47 How many vendors operators need or want to have in their RAN, Ericsson, Fujitsu, AT&T, Verizon, Mavenir, Rakuten, 1&1, Deutsche Telekom
33:30 Keysight role in the open RAN ecosystem, what’s special about Keysight
40:38 Managing complexity and optimizing open RAN
42:20 Automation, CI/CD, REST, analytics
46:24 Government, regulation, standardization, NTIA
50:37 Attracting talent to telecoms, open RAN adoption in different geographical markets
56:48 The future of open RAN and Keysight’s role in the open RAN ecosystem

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