Keysight: Measuring energy efficiency in Open RAN and traditional RAN

A conversation with Giampaolo Tardioli, General Manager and Vice President, and Jean Dassonville, Strategy Planner at Keysight

Meeting energy efficiency and sustainability targets has become a top priority for operators worldwide. But how can they measure energy consumption and efficiency to ensure they succeed in their efforts, to test, monitor and optimize their networks?

I talked to Jean Dassonville, Strategy Planner at Keysight, and Giampaolo Tardioli, General Manager and Vice President at Keysight, on how network testing and monitoring give operators essential tools to minimize energy consumption.

Keysight works with operators to ensure that their networks perform as they should and that they understand how they use energy and can become more efficient. This is even more important in an Open RAN environment with multiple vendors, a virtualized and cloud-based architecture, where operators want to know not only how much energy they consume but how that relates to performance.

This interview is part of the Senza Fili Deep Dive report “Energy efficiency in Wireless: RAN and beyond.” Watch or download this conversation, or read the full report for free.

Conversation timestamps

00:05 Introduction

02:10 Jean and Giampaolo introductions

03:34 Energy efficiency at Keysight; testing

06:15 Component and network testing, disaggregation

06:41 Optimization, telemetry

07:47 Network load

08:15 Digital twin approach to network emulation

10:17 Open RAN, disaggregation

11:03 RIC, ecosystem

12:44 O-RAN interfaces, interoperability

14:20 Energy efficiency with Open RAN

15:48 Disaggregation, virtualization, processors, optimization

17:41 AI

19:11 Benchmarking, standardization, metrics, specifications

21:18 Chipsets

21:44 Lab and live networks

22:30 Traffic loads, services, network slicing

24:54 Slicing and monetization

25:33 Private networks

26:15 Test methodologies

26:54 Future developments to increase energy efficiency

28:38 Concluding remarks

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