Mavenir: The future network is open and autonomous

A conversation with Brandon Larson at Mavenir on how openness and automation are both crucial to the network evolution

It is not coincidental that networks are evolving towards openness and automation at the same time. Openness brings flexibility and choice but also increases complexity. Automation, aided by cloudification and AI, enables operators to manage complexity and benefit from the increased network choice and flexibility. Together, openness and automation are changing how we operate networks and deliver services in a profound and long-lasting way.

Brandon Larson, SVP, GM, Cloud, AI & IMS at Mavenir, talks about how openness and automation work together to innovate wireless networks and how AI, ML and GenAI play central but distinct roles in enabling this transformation.

Conversation timestamps

  • 00:05 Introduction
  • 04:01 Brandon introduces himself, his role at Mavenir
  • 05:11 Defining automation, autonomous networks, AI and GenAI
  • 09:41 Does automation need AI? Reliable data sources for reliable outcomes
  • 15:01 Automation adoption, from past to future; ecosystem to support automation
  • 17:55 Trust, adding AI and ML to automation, complexity, the role of humans to enable AI and ML
  • 23:05 Complexity requires automation
  • 24:31 Role of GenAI (as opposed to AI and ML) in telecom and elsewhere; digital twins
  • 30:45 Trusting GenAI, multiple AI and ML tools to address different requirements, learning with LLMs and other AI/ML models, data science
  • 36:54 APIs and automation
  • 40:44 Automation and openness
  • 44:27 Managing increased complexity and ecosystem partnerships in open networks, how automation and AI are changing (and require changes) in the organizations and among staff
  • 50:56 Cultural changes are necessary but difficult
  • 56:13 Monetization and value creation
  • 58:45 How does telco think about services and technology

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