Mike Short: Energy efficiency and resilience in wireless networks

A conversation with Dr. Mike Short, Chief Architect at Satellite Applications Catapult Communications

This is one of the conversations I had on energy efficiency that goes beyond the wireless network infrastructure. In addition to making the wireless infrastructure more sustainable, we have the opportunity to use wireless networks to make other verticals and, more generally, our society more energy efficient and sustainable while retaining or increasing resilience.

I talked to Dr. Mike Short, Chief Architect at Satellite Applications Catapult, about how wireless can make the world more sustainable through IoT and private networks. Mike is a visionary and has an unparalleled experience in telecoms and the verticals that telecoms touch through his experience at GSMA, mobile operators and, until recently, at the UK’s Department for International Trade, where he was Chief Scientific Advisor. At the Satellite Applications Catapult – a UK-based innovation center – he is now working, among other things, on energy efficiency across mobile and satellite, looking at standards, network management, and coverage requirements. He is also the Chair of the Advisory Board at UKTIN.

We talked about how energy efficiency in wireless will positively impact other verticals, such as utilities and transportation, and how, in turn, wireless benefits from increased efficiencies in other verticals.

This interview is part of the Senza Fili Deep Dive report “Energy efficiency in Wireless: RAN and beyond.” Watch or download this conversation, or read the full report for free.

Energy efficiency and resilience

Dr. Mike Short, Chief Architect at Satellite Applications Catapult Communications

Conversation timestamps

01:17 Introduction
03:56 Mike Short introduction, Satellite Applications Catapult
05:07 Increasing efficiency vs reducing consumption
06:23 Energy efficiency and traffic growth
07:28 Measuring energy efficiency
09:04 Centralized and distributed topologies
09:47 Sleep modes, other technologies
11:02 Optimization
12:03 Satellite
13:56 Utilities, generation/distribution, storage, resilience
19:58 Renewables
20:42 Energy efficiency from a usage point of view, IoT
22:17 Sensing
24:13 Operators and utilities working together?
24:49 Resilience
28:18 Infrastructure/network sharing
30:57 Indoor infrastructure
32:19 Electric vehicles
36:57 Transportation
43:28 IoT, cities, private networks and enterprise
46:06 Vertical sectors
49:47 Policy leadership
50:44 More on satellite
51:32 Wi-Fi evolution
54:21 Low-hanging fruits in energy efficiency
55:33 Long-term evolution of energy efficiency
55:46 Passive transmission, energy harvesting, hydrogen and nuclear
56:37 Transport
56:52 AI
58:45 Metaverse
59:27 Virtualization

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