No one size fits all: Finding what’s right for in-building wireless

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Most connectivity needs and traffic generated by people and IoT devices come from indoor locations. But most indoor cellular traffic is still routed through the outdoor macro infrastructure.

The increasing connectivity requirements and the more difficult penetration of the wireless signal at the higher frequencies used in 5G create the need for a new network architecture in which the in-building access infrastructure can carry indoor traffic.

Improved technology solutions for indoor equipment and private networks, coupled with the increasing need for wireless in-building coverage, make enterprises and venues more eager to invest directly in the in-building infrastructure and to own and manage their own networks.

However, meeting the needs and expectations of enterprises and venue owners is a complex task. Many technologies are available, and often multiple ones have to coexist at each location.

In this conversation, Upendra Pingle, VP of DCCS, discusses how CommScope helps operators, enterprises and venue owners to identify and deploy the wireless solutions that provide the coverage and performance they need.


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