O-RAN ALLIANCE: Open RAN, The path to 6G

A conversation with Ravi Sinha at O-RAN ALLIANCE and Monica Paolini at Senza Fili on the evolution to an open RAN as we move to 6G

Open RAN is still evolving at a rapid pace. There is ample opportunity to expand its capabilities, improve interoperability and performance, and make it easier to deploy within existing networks. While open RAN is already being deployed commercially in greenfield and brownfield networks, 6G will set the path for open RAN evolution and maturity.

In this conversation with Ravi Sinha, Co-Chairman of the Next Generation Research Group-6G (nGRG) at the O-RAN ALLIANCE and VP at Reliance Jio, we talked about the evolution of open RAN as we march towards 6G, including the increasing prominence of the RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC), AI-based automation, and new connection-aware services.

Ravi has been working on open RAN for a long time and is now leading the 6G activities within the O-RAN ALLIANCE. He shared his insight on the past and present of open RAN, and his vision for the future.

Conversation timestamps

01:15 Introduction: upcoming open RAN report, future development of Open RAN
03:45 Ravi introduces himself
04:38 Open RAN and 6G
05:30 O-RAN Alliance, distributed architecture, CU/DU, RIC, service-based architecture
10:31 How 6G will change open RAN
11:59 The Next Generation Research Group-6G (nGRG) at O-RAN ALLIANCE, spectrum allocations
19:02 Terahertz, mmWave, 6 GHz and sub-6GHz
23:25 Splits, RIC, AI
24:17 Open RAN and non-terrestrial, satellite networks
28:24 Support for multiple air-interfaces, beyond 4G, 5G and 6G
30:48 RIS
33:30 Energy efficiency, AI
38:36 RIC, RAN management and optimization
40:59 Non-real-time, near-real-time and real-time RIC
44:35 xApps, rApps; greenfield vs brownfield
46:25 Flexibility in Open RAN, RIC
48:19 Chipsets, accelerators, dedicated or optimized hardware
52:49 Multivendor RAN
54:54 Use case for open RAN in 6G
59:29 Is open RAN going to become the default RAN of the future?

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