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Wi-Fi and 5G redefine wireless

Wi-Fi 6 and 5G redefine our wireless experience and create a pervasive connection fabric for users and IoT applications. Read more in this white paper by Monica Paolini, Senza Fili, sponsored by Intel.

Smart networks need smart data

Digital transformation opens up networks to offer new services, support new use cases, and increase network efficiency. But to do so, operators need to collect, distill and use vast amounts of data to optimize and run their networks. Dr. Vikram Saksena, Chief Solutions Architect, Office of the CTO at NETSCOUT, talks about how smart data can make networks smarter.

A spectrum of opportunity with 5G

The technology, standards and ecosystem for 5G are getting to the finish line. But do we need 5G? And do we need it now? And, just as important, can we afford it? A conversation with Rob Topol, Intel

The state of Wi-Fi: WBA Annual Report 2019

With the Wireless Broadband Alliance Annual Industry Report, Senza Fili gives you an overview of what happened over the last year in all things Wi-Fi, and what we should expect for the coming year and beyond as Wi-Fi keeps evolving, powering new devices and applications, and reaching new users.

In-building virtualization

A look at how Cloud RAN enables new business models for in-building small-cell deployments, in which enterprises and venue owners take a more active role, pay for the network, and have more control over the network infrastructure.

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