CBRS/OnGo: A conversation on the latest developments

Senza Fili Sparring Partners Webinar

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In this Senza Fili Sparring Partners video webinar moderated by Tim Downs, Executive Producer at Connect (X), Dave Wright, President of the CBRS Alliance, and Monica Paolini, Principal at Senza Fili, talk about the latest developments on CBRS and OnGo: deployments, devices, licenses, business cases, and answer live questions from the audience.

Join us this May 20-23 in Orlando, Florida at Connect (X) 2019 – the only industry event in North America focused on indoor and outdoor 5G Infrastructure – wireless and fiber, edge computing and automation, millimeter wave, small cells and macro sites – and the stakeholders who make next generation networks possible. Plus: Learn more about OnGo, and the opportunities for carriers, enterprises and neutral hosts with CBRS-enabled Private LTE Networks. Connect (X) features a comprehensive array of uses cases, early adopters and technology demonstrations of OnGo.

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Moderator:  Tim Downs, Executive Producer, Connect (X). 



Dave Wright, President, CBRS Alliance




Monica Paolini,  Principal, Senza Fili




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