The state of Wi-Fi: WBA Annual Report 2019

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With the Wireless Broadband Alliance Annual Industry Report, Senza Fili gives you an overview of what happened over the last year in all things Wi-Fi, and what we should expect for the coming year and beyond as Wi-Fi keeps evolving, powering new devices and applications, and reaching new users.

Report Highlights


What to expect next year: Wi-Fi 6 commercial deployments, a push in millimeter-wave(mmW) adoption with WiGig in the 60 GHz, increased Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) activity, new unlicensed spectrum allocations (6 GHz in the US) and further growth of Wi-Fi roaming, with Passpoint becoming mainstream.

Updates on: Wi-Fi ecosystems – home, enterprise and venue owners, carriers and service providers, IoT and IIoT, connected cities, and connecting the unconnected –, Wi-Fi roaming for access and IoT, addressing the digital divide, and Wi-Fi and 5G coexistence and convergence.

Featured interviews: JR Wilson, Chairman of the Wireless Broadband Alliance, plus KT, AT&T, Bristol Is Open and Boingo Wireless.

Beyond Wi-Fi 6: Edge computing, network slicing, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and automation.

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