Why do we need visibility to innovate?

Know your wireless network to get the best out of it

What drives innovation is not only new technologies but, equally essential, the ability to use these new technologies to meet specific needs. We must know what those needs are so we can choose which technologies to adopt – and where and when. Visibility into wireless networks gives operators the knowledge they need to benefit from technological innovation, and to optimize network performance and efficiency to meet their unique targets.

5G gives mobile operators an innovative and powerful technology platform, but to extract all the benefits from its technological advances, they must choose wisely among many options. There is no single right or wrong choice that works for all operators. Each operator must look into its network and the services it supports to select its own path forward and fine tune the network through time. Visibility enables operators to maximize the impact of 5G innovation and the return on their investment in 5G.

Visibility becomes even more important as we move to 5G and networks become more complex. In this paper, we discuss how visibility can help mobile operators manage the increased complexity and extract all the benefits that 5G promises, and how other players – such as enterprises, fixed service providers, and cloud service providers – can gain from visibility too.

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