Rakuten: Open RAN thrives in software-based, cloud-native, automated networks

A conversation with Azita Arvani, CEO North America, Rakuten Symphony

Rakuten Mobile has been the first operator to roll out Open RAN at scale in a commercial network. Rakuten Symphony has distilled the learnings and is making them available to other operators that want to roll out Open RAN.

In this conversation with Azita Arvani, North America’s CEO at Rakuten Symphony, we talked about how Open RAN, in a cloud-native, software based, automated network, is crucial to network evolution and digital transformation. Greenfield operators can move at a faster pace, but brownfield cannot afford to stay behind.

This interview is part of the Senza Fili Deep Dive report “The Open RAN ecosystem gathers steam. The future of the RAN is open.” Watch or download this conversation, or the full report for free.

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