The CBRS commercial launch

An assessment of the CBRS in the US market

With the CBRS commercial launch in September 2019, CBRS has become a reality, with deployments by enterprises and service providers. Initial networks use GAA (no license required), and licenses will be issued through the PAL auction in June 2020.

It is an exciting time. After years of work from a wide range of players in a lively ecosystem that includes vendors, enterprises and service providers, along with the FCC, the CBRS Alliance, the WInnForum and incumbent users, we will find out how successful CBRS will be, who will deploy it, and what use cases will be most compelling ones.

In this Deep Dive report, we take a look at how the CBRS ecosystem has developed to support deployments of the new technology and we review the initial deployments. The report includes extensive conversations with CBRS ecosystem players about their approach to the market and their vision for the future of CBRS.

The report includes conversations with:

Art King
In-Building Networks Group

Mickael Batariere
CBRS and Broadband Product Line Manager
Sequans Communications 

Neeraj Patel
VP and GM, Software Services and Solutions

Catherine Melquist
Senior Director of Global Channel Partner Development

Dave Wright
CBRS Alliance 

Caroline Chan
VP and GM, Network Business Incubator Division

Mansoor Hanif
Ex-Chief Technology Officer

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