The Open RAN ecosystem gathers steam

The future of the RAN is open

Do you still have questions on Open RAN? You are not alone. In this report on the Open RAN ecosystem, we tried to address many of the outstanding questions, with the help of eleven vendors and operators:

  • Is adoption of Open RAN too slow?  
  • Where will Open RAN be deployed first?  
  • How many vendors in the RAN?  
  • Will Open RAN ever be plug-and-play?  
  • Is there such a thing as a single-vendor Open RAN?
  • Is COTS hardware a requirement of Open RAN?  
  • By when will Open RAN be massively deployed?  
  • Will Open RAN become the default RAN architecture?  
  • Will Open RAN reduce the TCO?  
  • Can Open RAN have feature parity with single-vendor vertically-integrated RAN?  
  • Is RIC necessary to manage the RAN?  
  • Is Open RAN sustainable?  
  • Is Open RAN more or less secure than traditional RAN?  
  • Should the 6G RAN be open?  
  • Do private networks benefit from Open RAN?  
  • What is the biggest challenge to Open RAN?  
  • What is the greatest benefit of Open RAN?

If you want to know what our answers are, get the free report, and read or watch the conversations with the vendors and operators, including NEC, Vodafone, Ciena, Analog, Fujitsu, Rakuten Symphony, Picocom, Dish, Verizon, TIP, and Radisys.

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Conversations in the report

Open RAN is for all: brownfield, greenfield and operators in between

Shingo Mizuno, Head of Global Network Business, EVP, Fujitsu, and CEO, Fujitsu Network Communications; Dr. Femi Adeyemi, Head of Wireless, Fujitsu Network Communications

Dishing out Open RAN

Sidd Chenumolu, Vice President of Technology Development, Dish Wireless

Open RAN from open interfaces to interoperability

Ganesh Shenbagaraman, Head of Standards, Regulatory Affairs, and Ecosystems, Radisys

System integration drives large-scale Open RAN

Yago Tenorio, Vodafone Fellow, and Network Architecture Director, Vodafone

Driving RU innovation in Open RAN

Bill McKenney, Wireless Business Unit, Analog Devices

Open RAN thrives in software-based, cloud-native, automated networks

Azita Arvani, CTO North America, Rakuten Symphony

The journey to Open RAN starts with transport

Rafael Francis, Sr. Director Product Line Management, Solutions, Ciena

Open RAN needs optimized chipsets

Peter Claydon, President, Picocom

The path to open networks

Patrick Lopez, Global VP of Product Management for 5G, NEC

Open RAN adoption and virtualization

Nirlay Kundu, Distinguished Engineer, Network Planning, Verizon

Is Open RAN at a tipping point?

Renuka Bhalerao, Member of the Technical Committee, TIP and Lead of RAN Ecosystem, Meta

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