Getting edgy

Optimizing performance and user experience with edge computing

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Location, location, location. With virtualization operators have the choice to centralize or distribute functions. Far from making location irrelevant, virtualization enable operators to leverage location to optimize network performance and subscriber experience.

The report discusses how edge computing challenges the RAN/core separation and changes the end-to-end network architecture, and the impact it will have on the on the business case, services and user experience.

Pushing functionality to the network edge can have a huge impact on latency, perceived performance and security. Edge computing enables operators to improve support for existing services and create new ones, to expand support for IoT and private networks, and make their networks more reliable and secure.

Edge computing, network slicing and 5G will redefine network topology and make us move beyond the centralized versus distributed dichotomy. Edge computing is more than pushing content and functions closer to subscribers and connected devices. It makes us think of location in a different way.


View the webinar here.

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