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Which Open RAN is best for you? You are ready to deploy Open RAN. What’s the best topology to use? We developed a TCO model to explore how transport costs are a crucial to decide what is the most cost-efficient topology. Read this paper to find out the results of our analysis on how the tradeoffs of transport versus location can help operators maximize the return on their Open RAN investments.

Wi-Fi 7: The next generation in the evolution of Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 6 has just been launched, but Wi-Fi 7 is already on the horizon as the next generation of Wi-Fi. In this Tech Brief for Intel, we present an overview of Wi-Fi 7 and the anticipated benefits that it will bring to Wi-Fi users.

Wi-Fi 6: Expanding the role of Wi-Fi in the enterprise With Wi-Fi 6, the next generation of Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi has become an even better fit for the enterprise, for voice and data connectivity, and for new IoT and industrial IoT use cases. Read more in this Tech Brief prepared for Intel

What is CBRS good for? What is CBRS good for? A conversation with Preston Marshall, CBRS Alliance and Google, and Joel Lindholm, Facebook, ex-CommScope, by Monica Paolini, Senza Fili

Self-organizing mesh in the 60 GHz band. Addressing the needs for both fixed wireless access and 5G small cell backhaul Monica Paolini and Martin Harriman, CCS, talked about fixed wireless access and backhaul in millimeter-wave spectrum, mostly focusing on the 60 GHz band and on the mesh solution that CCS has brought to the market.

OpenRAN: The operators’ perspective. A survey for Mavenir What are the mobile operator plans to deploy OpenRAN in their 4G and 5G networks? Find out what mobile operators told us in this survey we did for Mavenir.

Is wireless changing the enterprise, or is the enterprise changing wireless? Our first Sparring Partners webinar is now available for you to watch and to read. Chris Nicoll and Monica Paolini debated the question of whether the enterprise is changing wireless, or whether wireless is changing the enterprise.

CBRS/OnGo: A conversation on the latest developments A Sparring Partners video webinar moderated by Tim Downs, Executive Producer at Connect (X), Dave Wright, President of the CBRS Alliance, and Monica Paolini, Principal at Senza Fili on the latest developments on CBRS and OnGo

Visibility is in, borders are out Digital transformation requires more than software-based, virtualized networks to be successful. Operators need full, end-to-end, real-time visibility into their networks – across applications, vendors, locations and, eventually, network slices.

Wi-Fi and 5G redefine wireless Wi-Fi 6 and 5G redefine our wireless experience and create a pervasive connection fabric for users and IoT applications. Read more in this white paper by Monica Paolini, Senza Fili, sponsored by Intel.

Smart networks need smart data Digital transformation opens up networks to offer new services, support new use cases, and increase network efficiency. But to do so, operators need to collect, distill and use vast amounts of data to optimize and run their networks. Monica Paolini, Senza Fili, talked with Dr. Vikram Saksena, Chief Solutions Architect, Office of the CTO at NETSCOUT, about how smart data can make networks smarter.

A spectrum of opportunity with 5G The technology, standards and ecosystem for 5G are getting to the finish line. But do we need 5G? And do we need it now? And, just as important, can we afford it? A conversation with Rob Topol, Intel

Senza Fili Analyst Brief: Cognitive Systems Aura WiFi motion Aura uses the Wi-Fi signal to detect motion in indoor environments and it applies Cognitive Systems’ RF sensing technology, algorithms, AI and machine learning to infer and localize the sources of motion, such as people, pets, and ceiling fans.

Sparring Partners: What is the role of antennas in optimizing RAN performance? Watch our Sparring Partners webinar on the role of antennas in the evolution of RAN optimization with Monica Paolini, Senza Fili, and Christophe Vidal from Pivotal Commware

MulteFire takes wireless deeper into the enterprise MulteFire takes wireless deeper into the enterprise. New business models, more use cases, greater efficiency. Download the slide deck of Senza Fili’s presentation to the MulteFire Alliance Open Day

Sparring Partners: Is wireless changing the enterprise, or is the enterprise changing wireless? Our first Sparring Partners is now available for you to watch. Chris Nicoll and I debated the question of whether the enterprise is changing wireless, or whether wireless is changing the enterprise for an hour. Just video, no slides, but plenty of questions and feedback from the participants.

The state of Wi-Fi: WBA Annual Report 2019 With the Wireless Broadband Alliance Annual Industry Report, Senza Fili gives you an overview of what happened over the last year in all things Wi-Fi, and what we should expect for the coming year and beyond as Wi-Fi keeps evolving, powering new devices and applications, and reaching new users.

In-building virtualization A look at how Cloud RAN enables new business models for in-building small-cell deployments, in which enterprises and venue owners take a more active role, pay for the network, and have more control over the network infrastructure.

Wi-Fi and 5G: a bird’s eye view An overview of the past and present of Wi-Fi, from the first trial in 1971, to assess the role that Wi-Fi will have alongside with 5G

The total cost of ownership (TCO) for fixed OnGo in the 3.5 GHz CBRS band A white paper by Monica Paolini, Senza Fili, prepared for the CBRS Alliance

Next-generation Wi-Fi goes hand in hand with 5G A conversation with Carlos Cordeiro, Senior Principal Engineer and Senior Director in the Next Generation and Standards Group, Intel

Latency matters How to control latency and benefit from it

How much can operators save with a Cloud RAN?  A TCO model for virtualized and distributed RAN

Not all mobile traffic is created equal The impact of mobile traffic mix on performance and QoE

From atomic to pervasive networks Moving to converged networks, overcoming traditional dichotomies

5G in Europe: More than a wireless upgrade The wireline network evolution in preparation for 5G

Future proofing mobile network economics Assessing the TCO for Cloud RAN and Centralized RAN

Fronthaul or backhaul for micro cells? A TCO comparison between two approaches to managing traffic from macro and micro cells in HetNets

The case for 5G in India 5G is here. 2019 has seen the first commercial launches with many more slated in 2019.However, there is still some debate about the efficacy of 5G for emerging markets like India.Does India need 5G? If yes, can India afford it?