Taking edge computing from vision to reality

Taking edge computing from vision to reality

A conversation with Caroline Chan, Vice President and General Manager, 5G Infrastructure Division, Intel

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Edge computing in wireless has been evolving alongside 5G, IoT, virtualization and network slicing. In the process, its traction and acceptance in the wireless ecosystem have grown, and we are starting to see commercial deployment.

I talked to Caroline Chan, the Vice President and General Manager of the 5G Infrastructure Division at Intel, about how edge computing fits in wireless networks today and in the future.

Caroline told us: “The cloud is here to stay. People are always asking: “Why don’t you centralize?” If you centralize, you do get higher efficiency and lower costs. That’s the default. … But with all these latency-sensitive workloads with cars and industrial, a hybrid approach is required. There is centralization. But there is also a push to the distributed cloud at the edge. It’s a must, because there’s a demand. And people need it.”