Three UK: Driving network strategy through customer perception

Driving network strategy through customer perception. A conversation with Mony Kochupillai, Head of Network Perception, Three UK

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To subscribers, perception matters more than KPIs. In this conversation with Mony Kochupillai, Head of Network Perception, Three UK, we talked about how Three leverages QoE to optimize the network and improve the service it provides to subscribers.

Mony told us that “expectation and tolerance levels among customer segments vary significantly. This is difficult for engineering teams to understand purely from a performance perspective. That’s why it is extremely important to bring the customer experience, their perception and profitability into consideration when you invest in and improve the network.”

He added: “In terms of what the customers want, we have a very good understanding. They’re expecting things to work as reliably as it could. Our job is to translate the complicated technology into something which the costumers don’t have to think about too much but they can rely on… We have a model that we use, mapping the customers profitability to their perception and experience as well as the performance of the physical network, and it’s important for all operators to get their model right.”

Read our conversation with Mony Kochupillai on how subscriber’s perception of service quality can drive network optimization and lead to a better QoE.

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