TIP Summit 2019 panel on the 60GHz mmWave opportunity

Watch the panel I moderated at the TIP Summit 2019  in Amsterdam on the 60 GHz mmWave opportunity. We talked about how 60 GHz, mesh and MIMO can be used to bring connectivity, with the flexibility and low cost that underserved areas need to justify the business case for FWA deployments.

Terragraph supports a new architecture for outdoor FWA deployments that is part of multiple efforts to use the highly valuable 60 GHz mmWave spectrum to connect the unconnected – and improve the connectivity to the poorly connected.

Panel participants:

Monica Paolini, PhD, Founder & President, Senza Fili
Allen Yu, Director of Product Management, Cambium Networks Ltd.
Adi Nativ, VP, Global Business Development, Radwin
Boris Maysel, AVP, Strategic Accounts, Siklu



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