Terragraph: 60 GHz FWA gets real

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Watch or listen to our Sparring Partners videocast on fixed wireless access (FWA) in the unlicensed 60 GHz band, with:

  • Derek Peterson, CTO, Boingo Wireless
  • Gino Villarini, Founder and President, Aeronet
  • Mark Kelley, Strategic Partner Manager, Facebook
  • Monica Paolini, Principal, Senza Fili

Topics we covered:

  • Why use unlicensed 60 GHz for FWA? Why now?
  • Can 60 GHz help bridge the digital divide in rural or metropolitan areas? Is it just for emerging countries?
  • What elements of the ecosystem are in place, and what’s missing?
  • How well can mmWave service enterprises as well as residential customers?
  • What are the advantages of deploying Terragraph rather than a set of rooftop PtP links?
  • What have Boingo and Aeronet have learned so far? What do they plan to do in the 60 GHz band in the US and in Puerto Rico?
  • Why is Facebook driving Terragraph?

We thank Facebook for sponsoring this Sparring Partners.

Sparring Partners:

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