A new role for mobile operators?

Sparring Partners with Jason Inskeep, AT&T

Wireless connectivity is becoming pervasive, and the evolution towards digitalization and converged networks goes beyond 5G, and beyond technology. It is rapidly changing the role of mobile operators, creating some challenges and opening new opportunities.

In this Sparring Partners, I talk with Jason Inskeep, Director of the 5G Center of Excellence at AT&T, about how the role and business model of mobile operators and their new and existing networks are changing with the introduction of 5G, private networks, IoT, edge computing, automation, and FWA.

– How are mobile operators transforming the way they operate, their culture, and their strategy as they deploy 5G technologies?

– How is their approach to the enterprise changing to capture the opportunity for converged wireless private networks, massively connected devices, and industrial IoT?

– How operators will compete with new and old players – e.g., tower companies, hyperscalers, CBRS players and other network operators?

– How will the move to multi-vendor and disaggregated networks impact mobile operators?

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Jason Inskeep

Director, 5G Center of Excellence

Monica Paolini, Principal, Senza Fili
Monica Paolini

Senza Fili


Kendra Chamberlain - Analyst - Senza Fili
Kendra Chamberlain

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