How open should wireless networks be?

A Sparring Partners with Geoff Hollingworth, Rakuten Symphony, Daryl Schoolar, IDC, and Monica Paolini, Senza Fili

Almost everybody embraces the general concept of openness in wireless networks. At the same time, there are multiple ways to implement openness: Open RAN, open-source software, virtualization, containerization, multi-vendor networks. And this leads to different ways to think of openness and how to implement it in new and existing networks.

Geoff Hollingworth, CMO, Rakuten Symphony, Daryl Schoolar, Program Vice President Worldwide Telecommunications, IDC, and Monica Paolini, Principal, Senza Fili, will spar on what it means for wireless networks to be open:

  • What is openness?
  • How open should networks be?
  • Could networks be too open?
  • What is the best path for Open RAN? (Spoiler: There is none)
  • What does it mean to be Open-RAN ready? 
  • How should we assess market forecasts for Open RAN?
  • Can you have a single vendor in an Open RAN deployment?
  • How difficult is it to move to Open RAN? 

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Geoff Hollingworth

Rakuten Symphony

Daryl Schoolar

Program Vice President, Worldwide Telecommunications

Monica Paolini

Senza Fili


Kendra Chamberlain - Analyst - Senza Fili
Kendra Chamberlain

Senza Fili

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