Dr. Enterprise or: How I learned to stop worrying and love cellular

Watch the webinar or read the transcript

Watch the webinar

Download the webinar transcript

Watch or listen to our Sparring Partners webinar on the unwiring of enterprise communications, with Art King, In-Building Networks Group at Corning, and Monica Paolini, Principal at Senza Fili. You can also read the transcript of the Sparring Partners with the poll results.

We debated the following topics:

    • What has been the effect of 100% wireless ownership in enterprise?
    • Why are enterprise systems ripe for disruption?
    • How is the transition to wireless in the enterprise similar to the one to the cloud?
    • How does the generational shift in the workplace affect thinking?
    • Can the benefits be quantified with hard ROI?


Our debate was on video and unscripted, and open to real-time participation from the audience through a chat line, for questions and comments. Kendra Chamberlain moderated the webinar. 


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