Sparring Partners | Power efficiency in private networks and IoT

A conversation with Dr. Mike Short on how wireless connectivity makes the world more sustainable

Wireless connectivity has the potential to increase sustainability and power efficiency in the industry verticals it serves through private networks and IoT applications. In this conversation with Mike Short we explore what impact wireless connectivity and digitalization may have on power efficiency, how to measure it and how to maximize it.

Mike brings in the mobile operator’s perspective from his work at Telefonica and the GSMA, and the wider enterprise and vertical perspectives from his work as the Chief Scientific Adviser UK’s Government Dept for International Trade. We discussed how different utilities, transportation and other economic sectors can benefit from wireless technologies in making their operations, infrastructure and services more energy efficient and how network operators can help enterprises, cities and other organizations.

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Dr. Mike Short

Chief Architect
Satellite Applications Catapult

Monica Paolini

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Kendra Chamberlain - Analyst - Senza Fili
Kendra Chamberlain

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