What is the role of antennas in optimizing RAN performance?

A Sparring Partners webinar

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Sparring partners: 
Monica Paolini, Principal, Senza Fili
Christophe Vidal, Director of Intelligent Beam Management Systems (IBMS), Pivotal Commware

Watch our Sparring Partners webinar on the evolution of RAN optimization. Monica Paolini from Senza Fili and Christophe Vidal from Pivotal Commware debated the progress of RAN optimization using software-defined antennas as the next chapter of SON, and the role of an intelligent beam management system in maximizing performance, spectrum efficiency, and network resources.

Sparring Partners is our new webinar series, which we try to make more engaging and thought-provoking than slide-heavy webinars. Each Sparring Partner is a video conversation between debaters on a hot topic in wireless – no slides and no sales pitches. We invite the audience to participate too, by sharing comments and asking questions through an open online chat and through polls.

You can find more information on Pivotal’s Intelligent Beam Management System (IBMS) here


Watch the video webinar:






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