Sparring Partners | Will Open RAN increase power efficiency in the RAN?

A conversation with Alex Choi, Deutsche Telekom and O-RAN Alliance, and Gorden Witzel, Deutsche Telekom

April 20, 2023 | 7 am PDT | 10 am EDT | 3 pm BST | 4 pm CEST

Can operators achieve higher power efficiency if they move to Open RAN? Will a disaggregated, multivendor RAN deliver energy savings to operators? As sustainability is one of the hottest topics, this is a key consideration for operators deciding whether – or how – to transition to Open RAN.

In this Sparring Partners, Alex Choi and Gorden Witzel will share the approach from a mobile operator’s (Deutsche Telekom) perspective and from the industry ecosystem (O-RAN Alliance), coupled with their experience in both wireless technologies and power management. There is no simple answer because it is a complex but fascinating topic that will take us beyond the Open RAN versus traditional RAN decision. More specifically, what type of Open RAN is most energy efficient? Spoiler: We will need to go beyond the RAN.

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Alex Choi

Senior Vice President, Deutsche Telekom, and Chairman, O-RAN Alliance

Gorden Witzel

Senior Partner Manager, Vendor Strategy Access, Deutsche Telekom

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Kendra Chamberlain - Analyst - Senza Fili
Kendra Chamberlain

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