VMware: Energy efficiency starts in the cloud

A conversation with Lorcan Burke, Global Field CTO, Communications Service Provider at VMware

Open RAN and virtualization create new challenges and opportunities to optimize energy consumption without compromising performance. To overcome the challenges and fulfill the opportunity, we need to understand traffic and energy consumption patterns and find the correlations between the two to increase efficiency.

In this conversation, Lorcan Burke, Director, EMEA Service Provider at VMware, talks about what VMware is doing to assess how networks use energy and how that impacts carbon emissions, as well as to develop strategies to optimize workload management and reduce energy consumption.

Networks often run at full capacity to accommodate peak traffic, even though traffic is not at peak most of the time. Can we reduce energy consumption by switching off network elements we do not need?

This interview is part of the Senza Fili Deep Dive report “Energy efficiency in Wireless: RAN and beyond.” Watch or download this conversation, or read the full report for free.

Energy efficiency starts in the cloud

Lorcan Burke, Global Field CTO, Communications Service Provider at VMware

Explore how VMware partners with CSPs to help them do MORE with less, starting in IT data centers like those at Orange France, and all the way through a RIC-empowered RAN

Conversation timestamps

00:05 Introduction
00:53 Lorcan introduction
01:23 Power efficiency at VMware
02:36 Increasing both performance and energy efficiency
03:06 Energy consumption in telecoms
04:51 Evolution over last decade on energy efficiency
06:50 Measuring efficiency
07:30 Data centers: measuring and optimizing energy efficiency
08:32 Green scores
09:44 Renewables
11:18 Virtualization, centralized and distributed topologies
12:09 Collaborative projects
14:02 AI/ML, automation, optimization, openness
15:39 Open RAN
18:54 Collaboration, plugfests, RIC
21:41 Sleep modes, P-States, C-States, storage
22:46 Cooling
23:25 Future opportunities

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