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A day without Wi-Fi

A Sparring Partners webinar

Watch the webinar or read the transcript

Watch the webinar

Download the webinar transcript

Watch our Sparring Partners webinar on what will happen if Wi-Fi disappears for a day. Imagine that just for a day, across the globe, all Wi-Fi networks will go silent. And then life will continue as usual.

In this somewhat dystopic webinar, Chris Nicoll and Monica Paolini tried to envision how the lack of Wi-Fi will impact our life, jobs and economy. We will also explore how the absence of Wi-Fi will affect cellular networks that depend on Wi-Fi for offload.

In this unscripted video webinar, with real-time audience participation through a chat line, Chris and Monica tried to go beyond the obvious Irritating factors (i.e., hard to work with colleagues, kids unable to do homework, your Sonos network dead) and explore the sometimes invisible ways in which wireless connectivity shapes our lives.  


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