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#WirelessFightsCOVID: Community response

Watch the Sparring Partners

Watch or listen to the Sparring Partners, see the poll results

Watch or listen to a #WirelessFightsCOVID Sparring Partners videocast on how wireless networks have brought connectivity to underserved communities and people during the COVID-19 pandemic and how technology can improve our preparedness for future emergencies. Heather Williams, Manager, Solutions Engineering at CommScope, and Joe Hillis, Operations Director at Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC) joined Chris Nicoll, Nicoll Associates, and Monica Paolini, Senza Fili in the debate.


A rural Wi-Fi hotspot set up by ITDRC

These are some questions we debated:

  • – Do wireless technologies give us the flexibility we need during epidemics and other emergencies?
  • – How did wireless technologies help us connect the unconnected or underserved during the pandemic?
  • – What use cases are the most important to meet connectivity needs in healthcare, education, production and supply chain?
  • – How is the epidemic going to change the way we deploy the wireless infrastructure in the future?


#WirelessFightsCOVID is a series of pro-bono videocasts. CommScope is the sponsor of this Sparring Partners and all the fees were donated to ITDRC. You can donate to ITDRC too here.

Sparring Partners are videocasts that are unscripted, and open to real-time participation from the audience through a chat line, for questions and comments. You can follow us on Twitter using #SparringPartners and #WirelessFightsCOVID and register for upcoming Sparring Partners here.


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