Hits and misses of 2019

Watch or listen offline

Watch or listen offline

Watch of listen to our Sparring Partners webinar with Chris Nicoll and Monica Paolini reflecting on what happened over the 2019. What were the most impressive achievements? And what were the unexpected disappointments? Where is the hype? Where is reality?

We sparred on these topics:

    • CBRS
    • 5G, MMIMO, mmW
    • Edge 
    • Private LTE
    • IoT
    • O-RAN, OpenRAN
    • AI, automation


Honorable mentions: Wi-Fi 6 (a hit for Monica), LTE (a hit for Chris)

In the figure you can see what the audience, Chris and Monica thought were the hits and what were the misses (we did not really commit on 5G, sorry). We were more positive than our audience: analyst bias? You will be the judge.  For the misses we felt  that the expectations were often too aggressive and exceeded reality. So the misses are mostly areas with a potential that is not fully realized yet. And so expect them to become hits in 2020 or maybe later.