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Is mmWave a game changer?

Watch or listen offline

Watch or listen to our Sparring Partners webinar with Emmy Johnson, Chris Nicoll and Monica Paolini on all things mmWave:

  • –  Access, backhaul, fronthaul, transport
  • – mmW and microwave
  • – Indoor and outdoor
  • – Mobile access and FWA, including 60 GHz, mesh and beamforming
  • – 5G and WiGig
  • – Licensed, shared and unlicensed
  • – Technology and business case: fiber and mmW
  • – Bridging the digital divide
  • – mmw at Verizon


You can also see the poll results:

  • – Can mmW compete with fiber?
  • – What will be the impact of mmW on the digital divide?
  • – How will mmW be deployed for outdoor mobile access?


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