A stateless 5G? 5G is here, or is it?

What is it and what does it mean?

Watch the webinar

Watch the webinar

Watch our Sparring Partners webinar on the status of 5G deployments with Chris Nicoll and Monica Paolini. Back from analyst meetings and conferences, they compared notes on what they saw in Europe, Asia and the US:

    • Who is winning the race? And is there one race only?
    • How different are the paths to 5G – and the experience of 5G – in different regions?
    • Is 5G falling short of our expectations?
    • What can 5G deliver today, and what are we still waiting for?
    • What impact will the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint have on 5G in the US?

Chris Nicoll and Monica Paolini debated the topic in this unscripted video webinar, with real-time audience participation through a chat line.


Download the poll results

Summary of poll results:

    • Will small cells and densification finally take off? 33% of respondents believe so
    • The enterprise is the big 5G winner, according to 46% of the audience.
    • Lower latency is the most prominent differentiator of 5G (23%), followed by AI/ML/automation (18%)
    • Premiums for 5G subscription plans have no chance to succeed, even in the short term. Only 13% of the audience things early adopters will pay more for 5G. And in the UK, BT appears to agree
    • Almost half of the audience believes that the T-Mobile/Sprint merger is a good thing. Only 20% are against it
    • Only 8% of the audience thought that the Dish deal will create a fourth, disruptive carrier


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