A more sustainable and reliable RAN

Watch or listen to the Sparring Partners

Watch or listen to the Sparring Partners

In this Sparring Partners videocast with Mansoor Hanif, NEOM, Chris Nicoll, Nicoll Associates, and Monica Paolini, Senza Fili we talked about how we can make the RAN more sustainable, reliable and resilient, in dense and rural environments, for developed and emerging markets.

In our discussion we addressed your questions and tried to answer these questions:

  • Why do sustainability and reliability matter?
  • Should we care about resilience?
  • How does power consumption and power source affect opex?
  • Can we improve sustainability as we reduce power consumption?
  • How are the reliability and resiliency requirements changing?
  • How do we measure reliability and resiliency?

You may also be interested in our interview with Mansoor Hanif, when he was the Chief Technology Officer, Ofcom,  about the new spectrum sharing initiatives in the UK to improve in-building and rural coverage in our report on CBRS.

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