#WirelessFightsCOVID: Can we track the pandemic?

Watch or listen offline

Watch or listen offline, see the poll results

Watch or listen to a #WirelessFightsCOVID Sparring Partners videocast on how contact tracing can help us control the spread of the pandemic, with Sameh Yamany, VIAVI, Chris Nicoll, Nicoll Associates, and Monica Paolini, Senza Fili.

These are some topics for our debate:

  • How useful is wireless location data for contact tracing?
  • How granular should location information be?
  • How can we make contact tracing effective?
  • Can we protect the privacy of wireless users?
  • Who should have access to the contact tracing data, and who should manage the applications?
  • Once the pandemic is over, are we going to be more comfortable with the use of apps that use location information? 

#WirelessFightsCOVID is a series of pro-bono videocasts. We intend to open a discussion on the long-term implications of the pandemic for wireless technologies, and not on vendor-specific solutions. VIAVI made a donation of $50/attendee to Doctors Without Borders. Thanks to the attended to support the donation.

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Also check out VIAVI’s paper, “Today’s Technologies Can Save Lives” by Paul Gowans and Sameh Yamany, and Sameh Yamany blog “Tracking a viral pandemic.”

In the Sparring Partners we also discussed UK’s NHS contact tracing approach presented here and here, and this New York Time’s article. 

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