Wi-Fi® spectrum in Europe: What’s next for 6 GHz?

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Europe is on a quest to become a gigabit society, and there is strong momentum behind opening the 5925-6425 MHz (lower-6 GHz) band for Wi-Fi® use to support anticipated gigabit connectivity use cases. The growing connectivity needs, coupled with emphasis on Wi-Fi’s critical role in providing connectivity during the COVID-19 pandemic – supporting essential activities such as remote work, healthcare, and education – puts even more pressure on European regulators to expand spectrum access to support growing demand for Wi-Fi to enable unlicensed access in the 6 GHz band.

The Wi-Fi Alliance® hosted a virtual roundtable with Andreas Geiss, Head of Unit for Radio Spectrum Policy at the European Commission, to discuss the state of regulating Wi-Fi spectrum in Europe, with participation from Broadcom, LANCOM, and Wi-Fi Alliance.

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