Wind River: Energy efficiency in the distributed, open cloud

A conversation with Nicola Marziliano, Vice President of International Telco Sales, Wind River

Wireless networks are becoming virtualized and moving to the cloud. How does this affect energy efficiency? What specific tools are available to operators to manage power consumption in the cloud? And do these tools work in both the distributed cloud and the centralized cloud?

I talked with Nicola Marziliano about the work Wind River has been doing in this area, which started before energy efficiency became a top priority for operators.

Operators have to manage energy consumption at multiple stages using different tools to maximize energy efficiency. One common foundation, though, is the use of automation on scale to be able to act on single elements in the network and in real time.

This interview is part of the Senza Fili Deep Dive report “Energy efficiency in Wireless: RAN and beyond.” Watch or download this conversation, or read the full report for free.

Conversation timestamps

00:05 Introduction

01:10 Nicola introduces himself and Wind River

03:29 Energy efficiency at Wind River

06:21 Virtualization, openness, disaggregation, complexity

07:21 Automation, collaboration with O-RAN Alliance, Intel, Keysight, Vodafone and Radisys

14:14 Ecosystem role in improving energy efficiency

15:59 Energy efficiency related to utilization

19:43 Results from trial with Vodafone

21:31 Verizon and Elisa

23:31 Openness

24:22 Orchestration, AI, cloud

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