Wireless in the enterprise: Nextivity


A hybrid approach to IBW, beyond DAS and small cells


A conversation with Werner Sievers, CEO, Nextivity


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Most enterprise wireless infrastructure is indoors – offices, warehouses, factories, retail outlets. The big venues are mostly covered, and they are often celebrated as models of the success of IBW. The biggest challenge for IBW today is in the middle-sized enterprise – also referred to as the middleprise. I talked to Werner Sievers, CEO at Nextivity, about how Nextivity strives to meet the requirements of the middleprise and of the operators trying to serve it.

Werner said “historically, all the big venues are multimillion-dollar contracts and deals. As one moves into the middleprise, that range of cost spreads from tens of thousands of dollars to perhaps a few hundred thousand dollars… In that circumstance, the caliber of technology needs to be intelligent, smart, and capable of doing the challenging task that’s associated with the venue, but it needs to do that at a per-square-foot cost that makes it possible for the venue to shoulder that expense.”

To address the needs of the middleprise market, Nextivity “bring[s] a class of technology that has only been seen in big venues down to the middleprise. Also, if you refer to the model today for in‑building wireless installs – in other words, high‑frequency building installs – these are all being done by skilled system integrators or installers,” Werner said.

Join us for a webinar discussing the report “Wireless in the enterprise. A deeper reach, a more active role for venue owners” on October 31st, 2017 at 9:00am PT, 12:00 PM ET, 5:00 PM GMT, 6:00pm CET.


Jan Geldmacher, President, Sprint Business and Jim Allison, Manager of Planning, CCJPA will join the webinar to present the carrier and train operator’s perspective