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Sparring Partners | #WirelessFightsCOVID: Spectrum and regulation

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#WirelessFightsCOVID Sparring Partners videocast on the role of regulation during the current pandemic, and on how wireless and wireline regulation will change to strengthen our response to future emergency situations. Cristina Data and Helen Hearn at Ofcom joined Chris Nicoll, Nicoll Associates, and Monica Paolini, Senza Fili in the debate, and presented the UK perspective on how to make spectrum more easily available to those who need it and on how to improve connectivity for all of us – during good times and during challenging times.


These are some questions we plan debated:


  • – How have the cellular, wireless and wireline connectivity needs changed during the pandemic?
  • – What can we do to connect underserved areas and people during the pandemic?
  • – Can innovative spectrum regimes and regulatory actions improve epidemic preparedness?
  • – What role will spectrum sharing and local spectrum allocations have to improve connectivity indoors, in enterprises and in underserved areas?
  • – Did the COVID-19 pandemic expand the scope for use cases in healthcare, education, public safety, supply chain, industrial verticals and transportation?


#WirelessFightsCOVID is a series of pro-bono Sparring Partners. We intend to open a discussion on the long-term implications of the pandemic for wireless technologies, and not on vendor-specific solutions. How can wireless help us manage this and future epidemics, as well as other unpredictable emergencies? How will wireless adapt to long-term changes in the way we use and need connectivity? How does regulation need to change to enable these changes?


Sparring Partners are videocasts that are unscripted, and open to real-time participation from the audience through a chat line, for questions and comments. You can follow us and comment on Twitter using #SparringPartners and #WirelessFightsCOVID


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