Terragraph: Gigabit connectivity and backhaul in the 60 GHz mmWave

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Terragraph opens up a new way to use the large amounts of unlicensed spectrum available in the 60 GHz mmWave band, using a mesh architecture that can be used for many FWA, backhaul, smart cities and IoT use cases. With the increase in demand for gigabit connectivity and the availability of commercial equipment, Terragraph has become a hot technology, with the first large commercial deployments expected in 2021.

To find out more about Terragraph and the opportunities it offers to service providers, cities and enterprises, read our Deep Dive report or watch the conversations that are included in the report.

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Conversations on Terragraph

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Previews of conversations on Terragraph

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YTL: Terragraph brings high-speed connectivity where fiber does not reach

Cambium Networks: Wireless gigabit connectivity with 60 GHz cnWave and Terragraph technology

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